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The Kenny Foundation aims at maximizing our collective impact on riders, drivers, police, and manufacturers in the United States.  



If you ride a motorcycle we have a message for you….

We love you so be safe!

The happiest moment when seeing you ride…


Is seeing you, when you come home safe!

Join us as we promote safety and awareness of motorcycle riding…

Remember it only takes one wrong move… and it may be your last ride.

Let us tell you our story through The Kenny Foundation… and then we will tell your story!











First giving honor to God we greet you in the most humbling way to introduce “The Kenny Foundation”. 

After the death of Kenneth Wal’Let Crandell Jr., September 19, 2012, his mother and step-father with his friends came together to organize The Kenny Foundation in November of 2012. Out of love and concern we wanted to let others know how important it is to be safe and to respect riders of motorcycles. 


Just like Kenny who we loved so much; there are others who have lost their lives to something they enjoyed. We will take this message of love across the country to every organization that teaches, every manufacturer that builds the bikes and every company that makes the equipment a rider will wear. We will bring awareness in an attempt to help prevent someone from having to suffer the devastation and pain of losing a loved one. 


The Kenny Foundation will bring awareness to the riders, motor vehicle drivers and the police officers that they must respect the motorcycle riders. We should not lose so many of our family and friends to something that should be enjoyed and we should not have to see them in jail, in the hospital or worse; to have to bury them because of it. As our family and friends we would like to take the opportunity to make a presentation to you to help carry the message of awareness to others.  

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