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We have several Projects:

1) Motorcycle Awareness Presentation: The purpose of this program is to provide a means for making motorcycle riders aware of insurance, wills, safety, and equipment innovations. 

2) Safety Visuals: We are also seeking to be a part of training programs to present our remains of the motorcycle accident and issues on safe riding. 

3) Police Awareness Seminar: As well, we believe that law enforcement should be aware of the uniqueness of motorcycle riders, as well as, make them aware of policies when pulling over motorcycle riders and when to chase them.

4) Family Fellowship Fair: Because we personally know the effects of a motorcycle accident, we have a fellowship for families of fallen riders. This is a time for us to bring motorcycle clubs and their families to a fun day where information about safe riding can be heard.


5) A Mother's Day Brunch: We hope that this will enable us to leverage our technical training with various support and case management services such as family counseling, drug education, and prevention activities for families of deceased riders.

6) Bike Blessing:  Every year in conjunction with SOLAD Baptist Church and the Maryland Ruff Ryders participate in a annual bike blessings before the riders start their riding season.  The bike blessing includes bicycles and exotic motorcars as well.  it usually located at SOLAD Baptist Church in April.

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